Freshfully Cafe

—UPDATE: Freshfully Cafe has closed. RIP.—-

Freshfully is a store that sells local and regional produce, meat, and other products – like honey, granola, and canned preserves. I love going in there when I’m looking for really high quality cooking ingredients. Recently, they started serving lunch Monday-Saturday. I was in the neighborhood and decided to stop by for a quick bite.

I love the design of their logo:


Eating in their cafe is like eating in a farmers market crossed with a coffee shop-which amounts to a really unique experience. And their menu has the same quality-it uses food and other items from their market, and bread from local bakeries:



I was in the mood for something on the sweet and refreshing side. The peach sandwich lived up, and the combo of fruit and pesto was great:


I love it when places give you fruit you actually want for a side, like peaches and pears:


Freshfully Café on Urbanspoon

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