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The Pizitz Food Hall Update: Choza is awesome, signs go up, and Sunday brunch is humming


Hey Blog Fans, First, thanks to those of you who took our tours on Saturday! We had 3 huge groups of 20-30, and are planning for more tours in the weeks to come! Stay tuned. The past few days at Pizitz have continued to be high-energy. First, Choza Taqueria opened on Friday night. Folks, this is a taco town, so I knew these guys would have to be spot on. And they are. For us, the meat makes the taco. Their meat is so juicy and perfectly seasoned. When asked what makes it so great, Choza manager Roscoe Hall says...


Choza Taqueria opens tomorrow for dinner and other updates


First, we are super excited to announce that Choza Taqueria will be opening tomorrow night! They are a concept out of NYC. We’ve eaten their tacos at Gotham West Market in Manhattan and they were legit. Welcome to The Pizitz Food Hall, Choza! Here’s a pic of their Pizitz menu board: Aside from that, two things to report. First, the ramen is still a-mazing. Here are some beautiful shots of tonight’s tonkatsu ramen. As delicious as it is beautiful. Mr Foodie snagged one of these melon sodas. Pretty refreshing. And last but not least, the recycling containers and the nice...


The Pizitz Food Hall Day 7: Lichita’s secret banana split, Ichicoro ramen opens to a predictably long line, and more updates 


One of the perks of being a consultant on this project is having a little insider info. We were lucky enough to be the official flavor selectors for Lichita’s, since thE Pizitz location only has room for 18 ice cream containers. In doing the taste testing, we also learned that the owner, Eloy, planned to offer banana splits. However, they aren’t on the menu-you have to know to order them, like Great Wall’s (formerly) secret menu. So tonight, we were the first patrons in the history of The Pizitz Food Hall to have a banana split at Lichita’s. You can’t...


The Pizitz Food Hall Day 6: Ichicoro Ramen opens for dinner tomorrow (Wednesday)!!


It’s 9:30pm on Tuesday. Mr Foodie and I are sitting at The Louis bar, enjoying the company of new friends. One of the best things about this projects has been to see the relationships that have formed between different stalls. They share ideas, resources, and of course food. The food hall was abuzz tonight with word that Ichicoro might be doing some taste testing. The aroma of the broth wafted through the air, confirming our suspicions. About 45 minutes ago, we got word that they would be making a handful of tonkatsu bowls for folks to taste. Here are the...


The Pizitz Food Hall Day 4 (late entry): Sunday all-day brunch at Tropicaleo and other updates


Day 5 and The Pizitz Food Hall is still going strong. The Revelator sign went up today, and it looks great! We all know Sunday brunch is hard to find in Bham. It seemed like a lot of Birminghamsters had the same idea at the same time. Here’s what the crowd looked like around 11:30am:  Walking around the room, I noted that brunch options included grilled sandwiches from Busy Corner Cheese, chicken and waffles from Waffle Works, and of course, Tropicaleo. Tropicaleo is doing all day brunch on Sunday. Here’s their brunch menu: We waited till dinner to try their...




I’m not sure how much good food news Birmingham, our our waistlines, can take in such a short period of time. First Publix. Then The Pizitz Food Hall. What else could possibly be as momentous? Flash back to October 2014, when we stumbled upon and blogged about a guy making the most inventive sushi we’d ever had with very high quality ingredients out of a sports bar in Five Points. We followed that guy, Abhishek Sainju, when he moved his operation to the Blue Monkey, and when he became the opening executive chef at the much-acclaimed Bamboo on 2nd. The menu was...


The Pizitz Food Hall Day 4: Still crowded, still delicious

Hey foodies, today was another great day at The Pizitz Food Hall. After the initial post earlier this morning and going back to bed to sleep off all the food I had eaten throughout the week, I was ready to go back at it. I put on my running shoes and headed over to meet up with friends. I wish I had taken a crowd shot. The place was packed, but the lines were moving steadily. Today’s updates: Crowds have begun to spill outside onto the beautiful patio: Lichita’s menu board went up! Yellowhammer opened a few days ago but...


Pizitz Day 3 (late entry): Ono Poke opens, Lichita’s ice cream is delicious


Blog fans, yesterday was another great day in the history of the Pizitz Food Hall. Ono Poke opened to an immediate and persistent line at lunch that continued through mid-afternoon and resumed again at dinner. The line will take you 15-20 minutes if it’s long, but I timed how long it took from paying at the cashier to receiving a bowl: exactly one minute. So all in all, a quick experience. Use the time to take in the ambiance and try some samples from Lichita’s next door. Here are some photos of the event: Here’s the result. We got one...


Pizitz Day 2: Eli’s Jerusalem Grill opens, Busy Corner Cheese makes amazing cheese and charcuterie plates


Blog fans, I apologize for the delay. Mr. Foodie and I just returned home from Pizitz after being there since 5pm. We ate, we sat, we talked, we saw tons of people we knew, we ate and talked more – it’s really becoming quite the gathering place. First of all, we were not there for lunch, but here’s a pic taken by Bayer Properties’ Tom Walker. Surreal. The lines were apparently out the door. When we arrived for dinner, the lines were quickly accumulating, but the food all came out in a relatively timely manner.  A healthy dose of patience...


Ono Poke @ The Pizitz Food Hall opens TOMORROW at 11am!!


Foodies, Vinh Tran from Ono Poke has had to fight off the throngs of customers over the last few days as he has prepped. But fight no more-Ono Poke opens tomorrow, Friday, at 11am!  Here’s the long awaited signage and menu: We had the opportunity to try one of his bowls yesterday: THE most amazing tuna, seaweed mixed with other fresh ingredients. So healthy and fresh. To learn more about Vinh and his Poke, please visit our earlier post:  Ono Poke: A Pizitz Food Hall Story I’ll be posting soon about all of today’s amazing openings and happenings… I just...


Pizitz is OPEN! Blogging live!


Today is the dawn of Birmingham’s new foodie age. Mr. Foodie and I are here at the Pizitz food hall blogging live. Here’s what it looks like: Dozens if not a hundred customers milling around, in suits presumably from nearby offices, in activewear presumably coming from the gym, with laptops presumably working. People standing in orderly lines, patiently waiting for food from the three stalls open today: Busy Corner Cheese, Tropicaleo, and Waffle Works. Very controlled happy chaos. Everyone is smiling, relaxing, enjoying. Stall owners and staff are meeting the demand. Same Heide, Tom Walker, and Jane Hoerner of Bayer...


Domestique Coffee


We have a few hard and fast rules here at What to Eat in Birmingham. They include: 1. Do NOT blog about beverages, something we know virtually nothing about. 2. Do NOT blog based on preview events, because a preview event is typically reserved for a select few, and the experience is typically different (read: better) than the run-of-the-mill customer will experience. 3. DO blog anonymously, so as not to receive any special treatment (see also rule #2). Rules are obviously made to be broken, and we cannot think of a better reason to break these rules than Domestique Coffee. We...