Monthly Archive: October 2017

Rougaroux Brings Po Boys To Forest Park


Yesterday we had the chance to duck into the soft opening of Rougaroux in Forest Park. Located in the “pink house,” once home to the Pink House Cafe, we were eager to check it out.           Rougaroux comes to us via a collaboration between owner Anne Carter and Hotbox. Walking in you get a distinct feeling of New Orleans, almost like you’re walking into a place in the Bywater. Points for that.   When we visited they’d only been open 24 hours, and they were still in a soft opening period. That said, it was a strong...


Ollie Irene Reopens In New Location


When Ollie Irene closed a year ago, we, along with a lot of other people in Birmingham, were bummed out. The Mountain Brook gastropub had become a local favorite, as well as receiving critical acclaim (including a James Beard Foundation nomination for Best New Restaurant in 2011.) The closure, a result of the Lane Parke Development, was just part of the restaurant’s story. Owners Chris and Anna Newsome have said for some time that they would be opening a new Ollie Irene. Exactly a year to the date of the closing — September 30 — we had the pleasure of...