This is an emergency post – I have just eaten a doughnut so amazing that I need to tell the world.  Actually, I’ve eaten four, but that’s not important.

For the past several months, my awesome foodie friend Sandy has been telling me about a doughnut startup in town.  These guys have a vision to bring classic cake doughnuts, which are surprisingly hard to find, to the ‘Ham.  And not just any cake doughnuts.  Artisanal, beautiful, seasonally flavored, made from scratch doughnuts.  As of yet, there’s no official name, and no storefront.  Even better-it’s a doughnut delivery service.

And even better still-a few weeks ago, Sandy told me she was going to be JOINING them.  Making doughnuts, working on sales and marketing, and that she’d let me know when the first batch was ready.

Last week, she told me that Monday, today, would be the first day they’d take orders.  So I ordered 2 dozen for me, Mr. Foodie, and some friends (cuz we aren’t so piggy that we would eat 24 doughnuts, though we might want to).  I just had to try the very first batch.  And at $15/dozen, they aren’t much pricier than Dunkin.

Instead of delivery, we opted to pick them up-I had to see the operation in action.  We met Phil, the doughnut mastermind, hard at work by the fryer.  Here are some kitchen shots:

And then here they are, in all their glory:  regular, brown butter, strawberry, and chocolate: 


Some cross section and half eaten shots of course:


There doughnuts are incredible.  Moist, literally bursting with flavor.  The brown butter just melts in your mouth, like, you guessed it, butter.  The maple has a rich but not overpowering maple flavor that sits on top of the most delicious cake doughnut you’ve ever had.  Same with the chocolate.  And my personal favorite, strawberry – the fresh from the farmers market flavor just goes completely through this fried piece of heaven.

The official launch will be June 5th-complete with logo and a more official name.  Actually, I kinda like that name as is.  It conjures up an image of a delicious cake donut being dropped into a boiling hot fryer, then dropped off at my door.  

For more information and to buy your doughnuts – did I mention you will be one of the first people in Bham to have them, how cool is that??, visit their website:

Bham Doughnut Drop