Last month (I know, I’ve been slacking),
we went to Cafe Dupont for our anniversary. Cafe Dupont is part of the regional food, farm to table, or Slow Food movement. Way before we were here, in ’04, it was one of the first restaurants to open in the re-emerging downtown area.

We had been to Cafe Dupont before, and specifically chose it for our anniversary because while it is definitely a “nice place” (cloth napkins, waiter brushing crumbs from the table between courses, valet parking), it doesn’t feel too pretentious. It’s the kind of place where they will treat you the same if you order mostly appetizers and dessert as if you has ordered 2 of the most expensive entrees. You might ask, how do I know? Well….

First off, we love good bread. Cafe Dupont’s sourdough bread was soft, chewy and plentiful:


Then, the cheese plate. They have a huge one that is a combination of local and imported cheeses. Eating the cheese with the bread nearly filled me up:


Then for the main course. We did order 1 entree. Their menu changes nightly, and that night there were scallops-my absolute favorite. Scallops are tricky-if they aren’t perfect they can really be unpleasant to eat. We ordered one to share, and they really were excellent:


Cafe Dupont is known for its bananas foster. Despite other tempting options we went for the sure thing and weren’t disappointed. We were stuffed and didn’t even need 2 entrees.


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