Blog fans, this is what you’ve been missing all your lives: a Dosa stall.

We first met Aleem last year when we stumbled upon his Hoover restaurant, Paradise Biryani Point.  Since then, we have been full-fledged devotees. He has an incredible sense for high-quality Indian food, and his team of chefs delivers. We are so excited to have him in The Pizitz Food Hall. Birminghamsters, let us introduce you to Aleem Tooalim. Story courtesy of our friends at B-metro, and photos from our friends at Yellowhammer Creative. Enjoy.

Dosa, an Indian cuisine stall, is joining the list of unique establishments in The Pizitz Food Hall. The owner, Aleem Tooalim, grew up with a strong influence of Indian food in his native country and had an exceptional cook for a mother. He recalls her being the chef at family gatherings and wanted to find a way to recreate her dishes on a larger scale.





Aleem started a few Indian restaurants in Atlanta that served dishes like kabobs, chicken and vegetable currys, but ultimately decided to move to Birmingham, where his support system of family and friends reside. He currently owns Paradise Biryani Pointe in Hoover. When Aleem heard about The Pizitz Food Hall from local blogger Scott Doty, he immediately knew it was the perfect place to open his next restaurant as it would be a unique addition to city’s burgeoning culinary scene.


Dosa’s are similar to a crepe or pancake that are made with flour, rice and lentils, and then filled with chicken or lamb, but it can also be served as a vegetarian dish with eggs and various vegetables. Dosa at The Pizitz Food Hall will be a quick-serve style stall where you choose your base and then select the toppings to include from their customizable menu.


For Aleem, bringing Dosa into Birmingham is about introducing new flavors to a region where it is not widely known. He says his work is one of passion and he hopes that when people try Dosa they are amazed and shocked at the explosion of spice and flavor the dishes will deliver.




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