NOTE: Everest Sushi is now the sushi bar at Bamboo on 2nd.

Blog friends,

I am happy to report that Everest Sushi, including owner/ chef Abhi and sushi chef Kyle, are safe and sound at the Blue Monkey. Originally, they were at the Blue Monkey just for late nights on the weekend-now they are there Tuesday-Thursday 6pm-10pm, Friday-Saturday 9pm-2am.

Mr Foodie and I were there on Tuesday night, and again last night. I had never been to the Blue Monkey before – the place is great! It’s a dark little lounge with good music and attentive bartenders. As we sat down to order our drinks (they have great drink specials every night), they handed us this menu:



It’s the same menu as before, except it contains my favorite off-menu items-like the Wham Bam Birmingham roll. Blue Monkey is a little too dark for the best photos-rest assured that both nights we ate ourselves silly with all the rolls from this post and this post. The quality was exactly the same as before-top notch.

On Tuesday, Abhi asked us to try a new roll that they haven’t named yet but are calling “the Kyle” for now. Tuna, salmon, avocado, cream cheese, and 3 sauces that I like to use together: an aoli, sriracha, and eel sauce. Spicy and fresh-tasting; the cream cheese (which I usually don’t like) gives it just a little richness.

Sorry for the quality of these photos; we had to use the flashlights on our iPhones to light them. Adds to their character, I say.



In sum, Everest Sushi is back doing it’s thing and doing it well at Blue Monkey. When you check it out, be sure to order the Kyle roll. It’s one of our new favorites, and I think Kyle really enjoys preparing his namesake roll. Who wouldn’t be excited about having a sushi roll named after them at Everest, even if only temporarily?