When I came down here to interview before we moved, a friend took me to Over Easy. At the time, it had just opened, and was quickly becoming a popular breakfast place. I like to eat breakfast, but am not one to eat much other than cereal or oatmeal. But this weekend, my sister was in town. Due to her intense workout schedule and excellent metabolism, she eats pancakes or waffles for breakfast most days. So, we headed to Over Easy in search of something that would satisfy both of us. Over Easy is located in a small strip mall in Homewood’s Hollywood district:


I like the fact that this place has some healthy options, and carries sugar free syrup.

I started with a cup of decaf, which was good enough to drink black:


I had the oatmeal pancakes. They were out of this world good. A little sweet, a little salty, very filling:


My sister had chocolate chip pancakes, a classic choice:


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