Blog fans, yesterday was another great day in the history of the Pizitz Food Hall. Ono Poke opened to an immediate and persistent line at lunch that continued through mid-afternoon and resumed again at dinner. The line will take you 15-20 minutes if it’s long, but I timed how long it took from paying at the cashier to receiving a bowl: exactly one minute. So all in all, a quick experience. Use the time to take in the ambiance and try some samples from Lichita’s next door.

Here are some photos of the event:

Here’s the result. We got one crunch bowl and one lava bowl, one with salmon and one with tuna, one with greens and one with rice (they even offer brown rice). The fish is exceptional. The variety of other ingredients, including delicious edamame, excellent ginger, and crunch for on top, complements the fish. The sauces are great too, although I could definitely eat a plain bowl with no problem because the ingredients speak for themselves.

That ice cream lures us in every time. It’s great that Ono Poke and Lichita’s are neighbors-finish off that healthy lunch with the best homemade ice cream imaginable. We had blackberry, coconut, and pistachio. Delicious. We noticed that a lot of other diners had the same idea-we saw those little cups everywhere.

Leaving the parking lot, we saw this:

Who are you, kindred spirit?