Blog fans,

One of the great things about The Pizitz Food Hall is that it is possible to create endless unique combinations of food where the whole really is bigger than the sum of the parts. And we figure them out, so you don’t have to. Just read, visit, and enjoy.

Case in point: last week, Tropicaleo owner Gabriel Marrero gave me a container of his flan. I initially tried to resist, citing my desire not to gain any more Pizitz-related weight. But he insisted that if I was to have just one more very caloric dessert in my life, it should be his flan combined with Lichita’s queso ice cream. First of all, his flan is one of the top 5 desserts I’ve ever had in my life, and I generally dislike flan. Second of all, believe it or not, I had actually never tried the queso ice cream at Lichita’s.

Mr Foodie and I took the flan and walked all the way across to Lichita’s. We ordered one scoop of the queso, which is hard to describe. It’s a little sweet, fairly dense, and very creamy. Mr Foodie carefully removed it from its little cup, placed it on top of the flan, and put the strawberry garnish back on top:

Voila. weet, smooth flan with cold, hearty ice cream. A foodgasmic experience. This is now in the top two desserts I’ve ever had in my entire life (tied with a We Have Doughnuts doughnut topped with Big Spoon ice cream).

Please feel free to write to us with other combinations to try. We hope this is the first of many.