Last weekend, we met up with Marqus and Alyssa from Travis Burger post fame at Pizitz. They’ve since moved away from Birmingham, and hadn’t been to the Food Hall yet. It’s been a few months since we’ve had a chance to experience it with newbies who bring fresh eyes to the endeavor, and we had a blast. We started with ahi Poke at Ono, had a 3 meat 3 cheese plate at Busy Corner, then some pork mofongo at Tropicaleo, only to then have the combination platter at Ghion. Such an incredible meal must be followed with an incredible dessert – or two.

Of course we had to show them our Pizitz Food Hall Combination we love #1: flan from Tropicaleo with queso ice cream from Lichita’s. Even Alyssa, who like me doesn’t typically enjoy flan, loved it. She commented that it has almost a bread pudding consistency – completely true.

We also had to introduce them to a combo I discovered a few weeks ago during a trip to Pizitz with friends of the blog Jo and Leight:

As you can see, we have here a chocolate waffle from Waffle Works. To me, this tastes exactly like very rich chocolate cake, and is topped with whipped cream and strawberries. That would certainly be enough, but why stop there?

Here it is topped with burnt milk and butter pecan ice cream from Lichita’s:

Oh. My. Stars. Like the best ice cream cake, ever.

As soon as we sat down to eat it, a woman came up to us and exclaimed “What IS that?” When we told her, and also mentioned that Waffle Works had just closed, it looked like we might see actual tears or even a mild adult temper tantrum.  I could understand, I would have felt the same way. It WAS that good. In retrospect maybe we should have offered her a bite.