NOTE: Everest Sushi is now the sushi bar at Bamboo on 2nd.

Now for the original post:
Loyal blog fans,

This is a plea for your help. We have a foodie emergency on our hands. Everest Sushi, which I blogged about here and here, has lost its space at the Red Zone.

I know y’all love Everest because it’s #1 on Urbanapoon’s talk of the town, and my two posts had the most shares of any place I’ve blogged about. Everest is a true Birmingham foodie gem, and even moreso, it’s owner Abhi is a foodie treasure. He is self taught and meticulous about his work. He makes some of the best, most creative and inspired sushi in town. His long term plans are to open an Asian fusion restaurant. We’ve sampled his cooked dishes and they are off the charts.

This blog is about food and restaurants, yes. But what it’s really about is helping the small-time restauranteurs who are doing great things for our city. When people read our blog, a post gets shared, we know it helps. So let’s all help Abhi.

If anyone knows of a new location for Abhi and Everest Sushi, don’t be shy. Comment on this post, or email me directly at, and I will get the info to Abhi. He doesn’t need a kitchen, just a table with a hand sink. AND PLEASE SHARE THIS POST in case someone else in your circle of friends has any ideas. As a community of food lovers, we can find a way to Save Everest Sushi!