One of the great things about this town is how fast it’s growing. Even though we’ve only been here for a little more than 2 years, we often find ourselves saying, I remember when that place first opened!

Slice is one of those places that opened about 2 years ago but has become a favorite. They have a stone oven where they cook their pizzas, which are thin crust and delicious. Recently, we were with a friend and trying to decide where we should eat that has a nice patio. Slice seemed like a good choice. It was a great night for it-cool breeze and great food. We ordered our ol’ standby that is simple but just plain good. First, a margarita pizza:


And s’mores calzones for desserts. By the time dessert came we were joined by 2 more friends, so a total of 5 people shared this (in case you were worried about my caloric intake after my last few posts):


One of the nicest things about the patio is that it is a part of the Lakeview experience. This is one of the few places in Bham where many restaurants offer outdoor seating, people are walking up and down the street till late. Gives the area a really urban yet neighborhoody feel.
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