Who doesn’t like popsicles? I mean, really. Lets keep this short but sweet, literally.

A few weeks ago at Trucks by the Tracks, we were starving and the only short line was at Steel City Pops. That’s not because they aren’t popular-it’s because they had 2 simultaneous lines and nothing to cook. First, we had chocolate peanut butter and pomegranate. Note our beautiful city in the background:


A little spillage. The horror! That’s the risk you take when eating a popsicle.


We must have loved it, because after lunch, we went back for vanilla bean and plum.


It’s hard to describe the flavor. It feels like you are eating whatever the pop is made of-like plums-but in enhanced, cold, fun way. I’m not sure that makes any sense but it’s the best I can do.

After Little Donkey (see previous post) we visited their brick and mortar store in Homewood:


Can’t beat the wall art. I wish the real thing was like that:


And again, peanut butter chocolate, with a new (to us) flavor, butter pecan. The peanut butter chocolate is dense and tastes like a smoother, milkier peanutbutter cup. Butter pecan tastes like cream and butter in just the right combination with intense pecan flavor. Lots of little pecan pieces were gathered near the bottom at the stick, making for a nice surprise.


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