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  1. Editor Kev says:

    It looks like your comments timestamps are off by several hours. I would guess it’s set to GMT/UTC.? Also, thanks for adding the address, otherwise I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have found the place.

  2. Ed. says:

    Should be Settings or Options then General for the timezone.

    Also, on desktop browsers, there is a weird yellow and blue monster icon on the tabs. See http://whattoeatinbirmingham.com/favicon.ico in browser. Here’s some info on how to change it – https://wordpress.org/support/topic/change-favicon-2 . I see it on desktops with chrome, IE and firefox. On my android phone with dolphin or chrome I see the WTEIB icon.

  3. Nick says:

    Left a message in the “suggest a restaurant” area, but it seems not to have worked. Anyway, y’all should review the new brick-and-mortar location of Taco Morro Loco in Avondale. https://www.facebook.com/TacoMorroLoco/

    • deepsouthfoodie says:

      Thanks! It gets emailed to me:-) just got it! Are they open already??

      • Nick says:

        Yes, they’re open. Don’t know if you’ve ever tried the food truck, but it serves good authentic tacos, so I assume the same will be true of the restaurant. And, best of all, it’s attached to a gas station. Not just any gas station–the famed Munchie’s.

      • Nick says:

        Okay, tried Taco Morro Loco for myself today. It is phenomenal. You must go. Aside from the amazing atmosphere, some of the best food I’ve had in Birmingham. It’s neck-and-neck with Highlands, no joke. More than tacos–tortas, burritos, and various specials. Expanded menu coming next week too, they said. And they serve breakfast, which right now is just omelets but will soon include huevos rancheros and more.

  4. Nick says:

    Last thing – I meant to specially recommend the Torta Ahogada

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