Hello fellow foodies,

So…. about 2 months ago, something really amazing happened. I received an out of the blue email from a TV producer asking me if Mr Foodie and I would be interested in appearing on a reality TV show that would be coming through town. They were looking for local food people, and told me that food bloggers are always the most passionate about food and fun to hang out with (obviously!). So, they googled “Birmingham food blog” and checked out Urbanspoon, which led them to our little corner of the blogosphere.

A word about the show, Flip My Food with Chef Jeff: Chef Jeff is a guy who started off on the streets of Compton and ended up in prison, which is where he first learned to cook. From there he became a dishwasher at the Bellagio, where he worked his way up to head chef. Lots of reality TV ensued, including this show. The premise is, take unhealthy food and turn it into something healthy. Where better to do that than the Deep South??

The production team asked Mr Foodie and I to create videos talking about our food interests. I’ve shied away from showing my name or pictures on the blog to date but since we are about to be outed on national TV, well, who cares. I have my disguises and can still be anonymous when I need to be, but I’ll show you my face in my audition tape for the show. They were especially interested in our story: two northerners – me a doctor, Mr Foodie a kitchen gadget designer (that got them REALLY excited) – who explored our beloved city through food.

So, Mr Foodie and I joined Chef Jeff on his mobile food truck in the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. They told us that they usually like to separate couples, so we each cooked individually with Chef Jeff using recipes based on a list of favorite foods we submitted. Mr. Foodie made fish tacos and even got to use a cheese grater he designed while on air, and I made soba noodles with lobster. We were totally geeking out over what was going on. Here are some behind the scenes shots we took of each other, and a few that the crew was kind enough to take of us:





So, set your DVRs or ask for that day off now-the show will air around the country on October 31. Here in Bham, it will show on Fox 6, WBRC, on October 31 at 11:30am central. Tune in and let us know what you think!!