One of the perks of being a consultant on this project is having a little insider info. We were lucky enough to be the official flavor selectors for Lichita’s, since thE Pizitz location only has room for 18 ice cream containers. In doing the taste testing, we also learned that the owner, Eloy, planned to offer banana splits. However, they aren’t on the menu-you have to know to order them, like Great Wall’s (formerly) secret menu.

So tonight, we were the first patrons in the history of The Pizitz Food Hall to have a banana split at Lichita’s. You can’t tell, but that’s mamey, rice, and pecan ice cream under that mountain whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Carrying this from the stall to our table attracted a lot of attention.

Here’s a mamey close-up

With that combo of flavors, this is the best and the most unique banana split we’ve ever had.

As we were eating that delicious monstrosity, we observed the ramen line. Folks were lining up before it even opened:

Thirty minutes later, we saw dozens of people happily slurping away as we walked through the hall. We also noticed some new signage. Looking good!!

The outdoor furniture is in, and it was a beautiful night to be outside.