Hey Blog Fans,

First, thanks to those of you who took our tours on Saturday! We had 3 huge groups of 20-30, and are planning for more tours in the weeks to come! Stay tuned.

The past few days at Pizitz have continued to be high-energy. First, Choza Taqueria opened on Friday night. Folks, this is a taco town, so I knew these guys would have to be spot on. And they are. For us, the meat makes the taco. Their meat is so juicy and perfectly seasoned. When asked what makes it so great, Choza manager Roscoe Hall says that they “love on it.” Whatever you are doing Roscoe, keep doing it. Each taco recipe was created by NYC chef Aktar Nawab, and has combinations fresh, bright, and flavorful combinations of toppings.

Here’s a nice pic of their menu board:

Here’s a pic of the barbacoa, carnitas, and chorizo all snuggled together. Adorable, and tasty.

Another new development: signage! Some of these are old favorites, and some are new. Great to see them popping up all over the Hall over the past few days:

As I’m sitting here at brunchtime on Sunday writing this post, things are humming. Tropicaleo, Waffle Works, Eli’s, Ono Poke, Busy Corner Cheese, Choza, and Ichicoro Ramen are in full swing. And I’ve seen so many people I know from around town enjoying this new food brunch destination. If Railroad Park is Birmingham’s living room, the Pizitz Food Hall is its dining room. (I didn’t come up with that. One of our blog fans did. And it’s true.)