Today, Mr Foodie and I received an email from loyal blog fan Rachel.  She pointed out an important omission on our part.   She writes:

“I myself am a huge carnivore and I always will be, but it’s just my luck that the love of my life is a vegetarian. Ugh. I found that out of the multitude of tags you have for your blog veggie isn’t one of them.”

If you are taking the time to read this post, you are probably painfully aware that Bham has exceptionally limited veggie options.  Few (one?) veggie only restaurant, and still few that are truly veggie friendly.  I’m not talking about places where you can get a plate of plain noodles, but places where you have options you actually WANT to eat.

So veggie friends and friends of veggies, here’s what we’ve done in response to Rachel’s on point observation.  We created a veggie friendly category.  In WordPress terms, this means that if you use the drop down menu at your right or this link, you can see an up to date list of all restaurants we’ve blogged about that we have tagged as “veggie friendly.”

But we have a request.  We can’t do this without your help.  Here’s what we need.

We aren’t vegetarians.  We have many friends who are, and we often choose veggie dishes, but we aren’t really experts. We need you to:

1) tell us if we have mistakenly labeled something as “veggie friendly” that is not, or if we skipped over a place

2) reply to this blog post with ideas about veggie friendly places we’ve never tried that you would recommend, or favorite veggie dishes at Bham restaurants.

From this point forward, this will be our “veggie page.”  In the absence of a real resource on veggie places in the ‘Ham, this post, the link to the “veggie friendly” category, and all of your responses will be Bham’s veggie restaurant resource.

Come on vegetarians of Bham, we know you’re out there!