So, you may have noticed that our last post was an entire month ago.  No, we have not eaten at every restaurant in Bham — a question we get asked, usually by people who have never been to Bham…. really?!?  Seriously.  We have not moved on to another hobby.  We haven’t lost our creative juices.  To be perfectly honest, and not to sound like snobs, we’ve eaten at several restaurants this month that weren’t blogworthy.  We usually hit a dud or two between winners but this month hasn’t been as fruitful, sadly.  And we will NOT compromise our quality just for the sake of ratings.  You come here expecting to see the best of the best, and that’s what we give you, if we’re doing our job.

Even though we haven’t had the best month in terms of blogable meals, we did have one very exciting turn of events.   About two years ago, when this blog was just barely in its toddler phase, I met a social media professor named Sheree Martin at a local blogging event.   At the time, I was struggling with issues like whether I should do a self-hosted blog and buy my domain name (the answer is YES), and how to help my search rankings.  Sheree gave me great advice, and we’ve stayed in touch.

Recently, Sheree started Birmingham’s newest and most awesome podcast, called Birmingham Shines.  Sheree is highlighting lots of cool things going on in town, and specifically wants to show off all of the amazing creative endeavors started by local Birminghamsters.  Notable interviewees have included Daniel Drinkard from Seasick Records and Javacia Harris Bowser from See Jane Write.

So a few weeks ago, when Sheree asked Mr. Foodie and I to come on her podcast, we jumped at the chance.  Sheree is a great interviewer, and she really gave us the opportunity to explain exactly why we moved to Birmingham, why we blog, and how we’ve come to feel so connected to our adopted home.

Without further adieu:  here it is!

Birmingham Shines Foodies Podcast